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Poverty in the world

Poverty is a terrible thing all over the world and what have we done about it? Instead we choose our money on other stuff that are less important and we don’t realise that people are starving. Plus we need to try harder than giving them money so they can by alcohol and other stuff instead of the essentials. If I was president my first step would be to stop people wasting there money and becoming poor, and it’s probably harder than I think it is but I’d still try. I think it is one of earths biggest issues other than global warming. You won’t believe these facts. According to Unicef 22,000 children die a DAY! due to no food or water also they’re too cold because they can’t afford clothes. This is my point why doesn’t government do anything about it. what does anybody, I said anybody do about this. This just makes me angry writing about it. All the presidents, prime ministers, queens, kings┬ácan help but nope they just spend there money on private jets and mansions,┬ánobody cares. But some people are poor due to storms, tornados and other┬ánatural disasters the list goes on. government need to make houses and put them into flats and stuff like that. I hope this report made you ladies and gentleman boys and girls think about poverty in a different perspective.

by Anaru cassidy

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bbc- how much of your body is your own, sad personal data

So basically this is all about my personal data and I think you would be suprised. If you want to try this yourself type BBC how much of your body is your own. Also you might not get some of it, so you should probably try this web sight out.

  1. My total price tag is $1,313.
  2. In my body there are 4.5 octillion atoms and there are 100 octillion stars in the universe .
  3. You could make 2.5 million matchsticks out of me.
  4. I also have 22.5 trillion cells.
  5. Plus I have 5.0 million hair follicles.
  6. I carry 100 trillion microbes.
  7. 72% of me is water.
  8. The hair on my head has grown 1.32m.
  9. The hair under my armpits has grown 0.69m.
  10. My leg hairs have grown 0.34m.
  11. My eyebrows have grown 0.22m.
  12. My heart beats at 413.0 million times a minute.
  13. The nails on my middle finger has grown 0.37.
  14. My DNA data is 800 MB.
  15. I have produced 672kg of poo.
  16. I also have produced 4,594L of farts.